ELH#100 – Before and After Showing Visual Comparisons in E-Learning

The focus of this E-Learning Heroes Challenge was to demonstrate methods of showing before and after interactive visual comparisons in e-learning. While I explored the wonderful submissions of other instructional designers I was inspired to try to create an interaction using a slider like Michael Hinze has. The slider interaction allows you to drag the wintery space image of Prince Edward Island over the lush green one. In addition, this challenge also takes advantage of Storyline’s markers to add interactivity to the graph screen.

Today is the perfect day in Prince Edward Island to reflect on comparisons. It is a balmy 13C on the 25 of February 2016, and on this day one year ago, we were literally buried under snow. I look out and the little bit of snow that we did receive this year has all but disappeared from my lawn. Last year, I had snowbanks so high that I couldn’t see my vehicle from my house.

Explore my submission to this week’s ELHChallenge and enjoy the snow.

View my interaction here.


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